Private Coaching

I’m still accepting applications from a select number of people who are ready to take their lives to the next level – I’m talking about career, business, personal life, social skills – EVERYTHING.

Have you ever spent countless hours struggling through a maze of information, and you just seem to get stuck even further in a place of confusion, until you finally meet someone who can help you clarify the situation and instantly it makes more sense?

Isn’t it about time someone focused entirely on you?

Since 1978 I have helped thousands of people overcome issues that had them stuck in unhealthy patterns, behaviors and relationships. I now only work with highly motivated individuals who want to make positive changes in their lives.

“It is an understatement to say that Steve P is a radical therapist. I am awed by the life-changing results he obtains with his unique techniques.”

– Dick Sutphen, Best-selling New Age Author

“Steve P is among the most powerful hypnotists in the world. He and his hypnosis partner [Hypnotica] gave me my much-coveted inner game and more. This was a whole new level of game. He was giving me super powers.”

– Neil Strauss, Best-selling New York Times Author

After the success of my pilot program, I’ve put together two different levels of opportunities for you to work directly with me for a year and my special guests and coaches. Radical change is rarely comfortable, yet it will get you to where you want to be in life much faster.

Here’s how its going to work…

OPPORTUNITY 1 – Group and Private Coaching with Steve P

  • A 2 day mastermind gathering in San Diego, CA every 2 months (6 sessions in total) led by me, Steve P. While each session will have a theme, they will be focused around your specific goals and aspirations and will include me doing 1-on-1 change work with you and other members of the group to clear limiting beliefs and other unconscious blockings.
  • A 2 hour private hypnosis session where you will experience just how quickly your reality can shift into new, more powerful ways of being.
  • Access to all my products. (Including some that have not been released.)
  • Open attendance at any workshops or seminars produced by Steve P DeAmore Productions.
  • Student rate and priority scheduling on private hypnosis sessions.
  • Unlimited email support – You’ll have my personal email address only available to my private coaching clients.
  • Spot check phone support – You’ll have my personal mobile number and be able to ring me to get my take on burning issues, spot check coaching, etc.

Your investment? $30,000 for this one year progam.

OPPORTUNITY 2 – Powerful Confidence

  • A weekend intensive with me and my coaches involves 3 days of daily hypnosis sessions paired with several hours of infield training. The cost for one 3 day weekend is $15,000.
  • With this program you get SIX weekend intensives spaced out over the year.
  • If you’re looking to completely banish any social awkwardness from your life, look no further.

Your investment? $45,000 for this one year program.

OPPORTUNITY 3 – The ‘Crown Jewel’ Of Private Coaching

  • You need to know that while the other program does require a certain level of commitment from you, the commitment for program 2 is HUGE.
  • I will help you design a personalized plan specific to you reaching your desired outcome.

Your investment? $99,000 for this one year program.

Over The Course Of The Year You Will…

  • Awaken Powerful Inner Resources
  • Access New Levels Of Confidence
  • Change Limiting Beliefs
  • Boot Out Bad Behaviors
  • Become Completely Comfortable In Any Social Interaction
  • Develop A New Sense Of Inner Worthiness
  • Silence Negative Inner Voices
  • Become Comfortable Expressing Powerful Suggestions
  • Discover An Adventurous Attitude Towards Life

We will be recording these sessions so you don’t have to take notes. You can be focused on making the change.

Books and videos are great learning tools for a general audience, with private coaching you get personalized attention to help with your specific needs.

You Get Your Questions Answered – Not Someone Else’s

If what you’re doing isn’t working…


Get off your ass. Do something productive to alter the course of your life now.

My goal is to help you become more confident and enthusiastic about having the kind of life you deserve.

If you’re saying, “I can’t afford it” You’re probably right – these programs are unlikely to be a good fit for you.


If you’re asking, “How can I afford it?” then you’re more likely to be the kind of person I want joining me and my team.

Part of the reason I’ve set this at a premium price is because I enjoy being in the company of successful, freedom-oriented people who are committed to living amazing lives.

Hesitation is for those who have time to wait around for change to happen. Isn’t it about time to get off your ass and get started today? A man makes a decision and follows through with what he needs to do to make success happen.

If you’re interested in this opportunity to change your life, download the application, print it out and fill in your answers and then mail it to:

Steve P Coaching Program
PO Box 2153
La Mesa, CA 91943

You can download the application by right clicking here and choosing save as.

Be well,

Steve P

Steve P
Founder, School Of Steve P