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Bad-boy, ex-biker who’s worked with many of the Top Dating Gurus to resolve their sticking points finally reveals…

How would it feel to influence a profound change in your life, in a single defining weekend?  

Who is Steve P.

Here’s a brief description about some of his background.

Steve P is a Master Hypnotist, a Metaphysical Counselor, and a Sex Coach. Trained as a Holistic Health Practitioner and in acupressure, massage, herbal remedies, and other shamanic arts.

Some people refer to him as a Sensual Shaman.

Steve P’s blogs are a candid adult dose of  his opinions, spiritual  insights and sensual wisdom based on many years of experience.

His work has been featured in numerous books, radio shows, and seminars.

He is recognized as a leading expert on dating skills, the sacred sensual arts and improving relationships.”

When Problems HappenMany Men ComplainSuccessful Men Find Solutions

Anyone can grumble. Obstacles are the diversions you engage in that distract you from your goals.

Some studies indicate people in western society are programmed to think four times more negatively— about other people, situations or events— rather than think positive. 

It’s a matter of how your brain is trained. Your brain gets really good at what it practices. When you look for problems that’s what you’ll find. Yet, if you seek positive solutions (with tenacity) then that’s what you will find. 

If what you’re doing isn’t getting what you want in your life, influence a positive change in yourself. Be curious and enjoy the journey as you explore new ways to improve… and be persistent.  

It’s been said,”You can’t build success on what you’re going to do’… you need to take action.” 

Discover what works best for you and perhaps what doesn’t.

When something doesn’t work out how you thought it would… it’s not a failure. It’s merely an opportunity to access what happened and make an adjustment. Then use that experience do to something different in the future.

Consider how Edison, while he attempted to invent the light bulb, failed over 1,000 times. When he was asked about “How it felt to fail 1,000 times.” Edison replied “I didn’t fail, the lightbulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.” 

You only fail, when you quit.

When you rewire your brain for how attraction works, you will  discover how to nonverbally attract the interest of women. There are no failures unless you lose your confidence and give up. There just opportunities to experience  what works better. I’ll get back to “How” attraction works below.

Becoming A Powerful  Man is a choice. It takes practice!! Lots of Practice!! What you practice you will get good at.

Especially when you keep a positive frame of mind with motivated repetition. Studies indicate that your brain works up to 31 percent better when you are in a positive frame of mind.

When you practice activities with motivated repetition your train your brain. This is how you (strengthen neural cordial pathways to) automatically respond to people and situations.

Most women instantly sense— by how a man carries himself— whether he is self-confident… or not. 

These days it seems when problems occur— many men have been trained to be politically correct, indecisive and whine— powerful men don’t complain, they make a change.

It’s been said, “Your brain is like a supercomputer. Self-talk is the software it will run. If you don’t like the program, make a change or continue to live with excuses worn smooth by talking.”

Discover how to retrain your brain, with an adult dose of change.

Some Men Walk In A Room 

And Women Can Instantly

Feel Their Presence

Rewire Your Mind- for confidence And Attract Hot Women… Anytime!!

The Cornerstones Of  Success Are  Knowledge, Experience & Ability

Information that isn’t experienced, is merely information.

When you experience new information, you gain knowledge. Yet, knowing how and when to use knowledge is only wisdom. When wisdom is added to action, then you have power. 

When you want to increase your abilities, clear out distractions and surround yourself with positive people, This will stimulate a positive mindset. Again, your brain works up to 31 percent better when you are in a positive frame of mind.

In these days of information overload, how do you distinguish between good resources and hyped marketing claims? The answer is obvious. Just notice what kind of measurable results people experience with a particular source of information.

I’ve worked with many of the top Gurus in the dating community. Do you know the secret to their success? Taking action with tenacity. Many of the guys started out with common sticking points.

Yet, after I worked with them, they did something unique that other guys didn’t do… they took action. If something didn’t go the way they anticipated— in the real world— they didn’t give up. They would make adjustments and go out to find better results.

When these Dating Gurus integrated the information by taking action. As they built powerful beliefs in themselves and about how to use nonverbal influence.

The beliefs then became hardwired in their personal attitude with confidence as an automatic resource.

While I coached them, they took responsibility to fine tuned the skills.

Women Respond Instantly 

 With Visual And Body Cues 

To Powerful Men

In Neuroscience it’s said,

 What Wires Together, 

Fires Together”


Rewire Your Brain 

For Powerful Change

What Your Mind Perceives

You Can Achieve

Be Flexible 

With What You Want

Accept Better Options

How do you get a woman to be spontaneous with you in the moment?

It’s actually really simple. The idea is to just go into a “flow state” and use some21 nonverbal communications skills. Be flexible, keep a sense humor and most of all have fun.

Below, I describe a real-life experience I had with a coaching client in Montreal. I went into the flow state and used nonverbal influence. This created a natural deep connection… in real- time. 

The thing to remember is to pay attention to how a woman responds to her environment. Avoid having any agendas (just go into the moment) and notice her nonverbal responses to people she’s interacting with. 

Many guys over think the basic communication process. However, these are all natural abilities you were born with.

So “How” do you develop or enhance these abilities?

It’s not difficult, but will take practice. The guys we coach, discover what are the nonverbal cues. Then they enter a flow state and use nonverbal influence… in the real-time.


Also, remember when you’re out, some women you meet might be preoccupied with something going on in their personal life… so be flexible. 

If a woman you’re interested in, doesn’t want to talk, don’t take it personal or as a failure. You just offered her an invitation to meet you and she declined. So what.

Remember, be flexible and just find someone else more fun to interact with and you’ll have a good time.   

You Have Natural Abilities

One study explored how infants  influence their mothers with the use nonverbal skills of persuasion. In these studies, the babies started the communication process with a sound (like cooing) to get mom’s attention. 

Yet, the real art of nonverbal influence took over when a baby’s eyes connected with the mother’s eyes. 

After eye contact was established, the babies then matched the parent’s breath rate.

Next, the infants would gently slow down their breathing and heart rate as they dilated their eyes.

Eventually, the mother would get an intuition that it was time to feed or change the baby.  

So what’s this study got to do with your dating rituals?

Nonverbal Influence Is A Skill You Were Born With.

There is a study that indicates how (as infants) we already have the natural ability to nonverbally influence others. Adults over think the communication process and this natural ability goes dormant.

However, people still randomly use and unconsciously respond to nonverbal signals. This nonverbal process is created by a neural system of brain cells called mirror neurons. 

A person’s mirror neurons react both when some particular action (like a gesture) is performed or when the person is being observed. 

Mirror neurons are how we automatically sense the outside world around us and continuously establish rapport with others. It helps us automatically sense if a situation is hospitable or a threat. 

All of us have had many mirror neurons experiences. For example, when you smile at someone in a public place and they automatically smile back.

Similarly, remember a time when you felt like you were being watched, then as you turned around you saw someone looking at you. 

Although many adults— while maturing— have unconsciously stopped using this natural ability… it can be rewired. Much like riding a bicycle. 

Perfecting the art of nonverbal influence isn’t difficult, but like anything else, the more you practice, the better you get. 

Many of our coaching clients have discovered when you ethically use nonverbal influence— being authentic, understanding and respectful— then people will often sense they can trust you. 

Yet, the opposite is also true. If you try to be sneaky, lack integrity or are just being untruthful, others will unconsciously perceive that as well.

Furthermore, as people explore the deeper levels of nonverbal connection they also release some neurochemicals that release a very pleasant euphoric (flow) state.

This flow state helps you be calm, perceptive and much more receptive to the feelings of others.

America Has A Silent Crises: The Loneliness Epidemic  

“Our social connection is the foundation on which we build healthy and fulfilling lives. It turns out our youth and young adults have the highest rates of loneliness.”  

-Former Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murty

Healing Your Wounded Heart

​​​​“Loneliness is about the quality of your connections with other people.”    -Dr. Vivek Murty 

If you feel shy, isolated or lost alone in your thoughts, then discovering how to socially connect with others will be the most important skill you will ever master.

As your abilities awaken and your confidence dawns inside youit will be like the Sun has risen in all the gray areas that used to limit you.” 


 -Steve P. 

  • checkCan You Imagine How Amazing You Will Feel To-
    • Use The Art Of Nonverbal Influence 
    •  Explore The “Flow State” 
    • Resolve Approach Anxiety
    • Awaken Powerful Confidence
    • Resolve Your Limiting Beliefs
    • Heal Your Wounded Heart
    • Banish Negative Thoughts 
    • Change Your Future 

  • checkThis knowledge will help you experience confidence more powerfully than you ever have before. This isn’t about bragging.  This Is About YOU… Making The Changes That Can Awaken Your Powerful Confidence and explore how to build stronger relationships.   In all my years of helping men and women, I have always stressed the important roll social competence plays in all aspects of living a fully empowered life. Like I always say:“Nothing Builds Self Confidence… Like Being Socially Competent.” In my travels and research on this journey of being a healer and helping others work through their challenges, I have been blessed to study with some of the greatest master healers who have ever lived. ​
  • checkInfluence A Powerful Change In Your Life While working in the dating community, Steve P created  techniques to help people resolve challenges like:• Getting Over An Ex• Fear of Rejection• Improving Dating Skills• Getting Back Into Dating• Banish Negative Self-Talk• How To Get Better Results With Women• Dating Younger Women  If what your’e doing, doesn’t get you the results you want, you will need to make a change… to get different results. When you discover how to enter the flow state and ethically use the art of nonverbal influence, your abilities, your confidence and your results with women will  profoundly improve. 

We Are All Called To Be Architects Of The Future, Not It’s Victims-Buckminster Fuller

 Becoming A Powerful Man

Is Your Choice

This workshop is about How to Awaken, Build and Sustain Your Confidence… as A Powerful Man.

Steve P. is a student of human nature!

Since 1978, he has worked with and helped thousands of people resolve issues, unhealthy patterns, behaviors and toxic relationships.

Steve P. uses a wide variety of powerful techniques that include: White Tiger Tantra, Soul Gazing, Shamanistic Modalities, Hypnosis, NLP, Chakra Work, Metaphysical Counseling, Energy Work, and much more.

He has coached people from all walks of life, including athletes, celebrities and high profile CEOs.

Steve P. has helped many of them resolve personal challenges. His clients have improved their ability to reduce stress and anxiety, become a more powerful boardroom presence. Steve P’s helped people recognize and remove personal barriers, so they could reach their full potential.

In many communities, Steve P. is known as a Sensual Shaman, Master Hypnotist, Shamanic Healer and Relationship Coach.

Remember, every world class champion constantly trains. They work with the latest technology to eliminate any unforeseen challenges.

(Even In The Off Season.)

Some people rely on luck. However, when they get lucky, it’s usually on someone else’s terms.

Most really successful guys I know— whether it’s with women or in business— rely on training. 

They explore new ideas to achieve better results. If something doesn’t work out, they make some adjustments and keep going.   

The more success they experienced, the more they practiced. Knowledge and practice seem to soon seamlessly get weaved into their new behaviors. Their secret is that they discovered how to practice with motivated repetition.

This is an interactive workshop with Steve P.  You will discover some life-changing skills (that you’ll practice) to shift your beliefs and attitude to become more confident. Beyond just improving your social interactions and getting better with women, you’ll discover new powerful levels of social adeptness to help you achieve more success in all areas of your life.

How the workshop worksThere will be general sessions for the entire group. We will then break into smaller groups of 3 to 5 people to practice techniques learned in the workshop, this will provide you with interactive experiences. The workshop will consist of trance, change work, group exercises, and opportunities to ask questions on your individual issues.

Steve P. normally charges $1,500 per hour (with a minimum of 2 hours) to privately work with individuals. For the price of one hour of his time, you can have access to Steve P and his remarkable team throughout the WEEKEND.

Anything you think you can or cannot do… You’re rightHenry Ford

See what seminar promoters have to say about Steve P:

Author and Mastermind of “Double Your Dating”

“Over time as I started to develop, I realized that the concepts that Steve P talks about are a lot more important than techniques… Everything he says all comes back to who you are as a person and what your intention is and the experience that you’re working to create for her…”

-Eben Pagan

Eben Pagan (AKA -David DeAngelo)

Best Selling Author and Publisher “Valley of the Sun”

“It is an understatement to say that Steve P is a radical therapist. I am awed by the life-changing results he obtains with his unique techniques.”

-Dick Sutphen

Dick Sutphen

Bestselling author, “You Were Born Again To Be Together”

“Best Selling Author, Journalist and Ghostwriter”

“Steve P. is among the most powerful hypnotists in the world… He and his hypnosis partner gave me my much-coveted Inner Game and more. This was a whole new level of game… He was giving me superpowers.”

-Neil Strauss (AKA Style)

Neil Strauss (AKA Style)

Bestselling New York Times author, “The Game”

“Dating/Relationship Consultant and Blogger”

“Talking to Steve P felt like a blessing. I was listening to the wisdom of a man who seemed to not only understand women but who also understands the intricacies and the privileges of being a loving and self-respecting man to and for women.”

-Khiem Nguyen-Trong

Khiem Nguyen-Trong

“Lifestyle Coach and Blogger”

“Steve P turns out to be an absolutely adorable man… and is as free-spirited as they come. He actually reminds me very much of two of my uncles on my father’s side of the family. Steve P is so blunt and so funny and comes up out of nowhere with these great lines…”

-Erika Awakening

Erika Awakening

If you ever want to attract women like a Rock Star, then style, confidence and powerful communication skills will be the most important abilities you will ever have. 

“Your life is not set in stone, mistakes aren’t fatal. Yet, the actions today, will influence how much success you have tomorrow… or not.”

-Steve P.

Workshop Dates: May 4th/5th

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Steve P’s basic advice on dating tips includes; keep it simple, have an enthusiastic mind set, use humor, be an interesting conversationalist, practice state management, be aware of environmental and nonverbal cues, be flexible.

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