Chakra Cleanse

If you’ve been to one of my workshops, you’ve seen me demonstrate how our energy affects the people around us. Chakra Cleansing is a Hatha Yoga technique known as “Running Your Own Energy” designed to clear out any blockages in your aura and remove any negative energies you’ve picked up from others.

Sound strange?

Have you ever noticed how you can be feeling great one minute and then a friend comes over who is real negative, and when she leaves, suddenly you’re depressed too? Or angry?


Because her energy has affected you. It’s not your fault that suddenly your energy is off. And once you learn how to Chakra Cleanse properly you’ll be able to banish their negative energy and get back to feeling good.

In my work, I Chakra Cleanse several times a day. However for my students I usually recommend they Chakra Cleanse once in the morning when they wake up and once in the evening before they go to bed.

If you’re a practitioner of White Tiger Tantra, directing the women you work with through this exercise will help them to release stress and tension in their bodies more rapidly.

If you ever feel run down, learning to “Run Your Own Energy” and getting control of your emotions will allow you to spend more time enjoying the people in your life (whether it be a partner, children, or friends) and less time moping about something you thought you had to feel bad about.

And more importantly, you won’t be passing along those negative energies to others.

Instead you can pass on positive energies and emotions to those around you.

Track 1 is a quick explanation of the chakra system. It will help orient you to where you will be visualizing your chakras.

Track 2 is the Chakra Cleansing. It will clear out the energy centers of your body and remove any negativity your may have picked up through out your day.

Track 3 is the Shielding. This is incredibly important in Chakra Cleansing and far too few people teach this as part of how to clear your energy.

(Both the Chakra Cleansing and Shielding are set to the music of Denver Clay.)

After listening to the audios several times, you’ll likely be able to Chakra Cleanse on your own. And that is where the real magic happens as you’ll be able to control what state your in and instead of spending days feeling down and out, you’ll be able to quickly get up and at them.

With my private clients this guided meditation is often the first thing I teach to help them feel more upbeat and enthusiastic about their lives.

And in any social interaction we are selling either a service, product or idea. And nothing sells like enthusiasm.

So click the button below and download your copy of Chakra Cleansing so you can begin running your own energy and put yourself into a much more powerful and resourceful state of mind.

Download Chakra Cleansing by Steve P

Be well,